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Thelineerkkannadi : Snehathil Oru Moolyavicharam is the Malayalam translation of How to Make LIFE Worth Living by Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ. A winner of Best Story Writer Award of Kerala State Television Award 2009 and the editor of Sneha Sena, a mass-circulated children’s monthly, Fr. Vincent Pereppadan, SJ has translated the book from English into Malayalam. The book is a collection of articles which the author has originally written in Gujarati and published in first in Gujarati and then in English periodicals and finally in book form in Gujarati and English and now in Malayalam.

Here these 27 essays are treated from genuinely human and religious point view. These essays of interest to ordinary people are independent pieces and inter connected only for this positive rational outlook and love for life to the full
I hope that the personal reflections on various topics in this book enhanced with stories, anecdotes, examples and inspiring quotes may touch the readers and inspire them to embark on a rational path of positive thinking and to success.

The chapters of the book are:


1.  Take Away Free the Beautiful Things of Nature 16.  Forever the Outsider
2.  Let Us Think about Others 17.  The Buddhist Model of Management
3.  The Humanness of Mother Teresa 18.  Will the Politics of Census Mislead the People?
4.  Justice for All Means Peace for All 19.  Good Governance and Administration
5.  The Teachers Are the Key to Education 20.  ‘Jai Adivasi’ – Slogan of Tribal Dignity
6.  The Curse of Hunger and Malnutrition 21.  Fighting Social Evil – The Adivasi Way
7.  Media Challenges Amidst Cultural and Religious Pluralism 22.  Our Independence Day Celebrations
8.  Competitive Globalization of Promotion of Values 23.  The Ignorance of the Wise
9.  Displaced Persons and Refugees 24.  Our Glorious Achievements and Crying Failures
10.  The Unaided Refugees 25.  Did Jesus Christ Come to India?
11.  Life More Important than Examinations 26.  Earn Money But Don’t be Hooked
12.  Is Suicide a Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem? 27.  The Example of A Donkey
13.  Let Human Rights Rule Your House 28.  Who Is the Number One Enemy of Women?
14.  Home, an Abode of Peace 29.  A Stress - Free Life
15.  Let Us Blaze A New Path in This New Year 30.  Saffronization of Education in India


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