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Love, Youth & Family
(Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ, Insight Books, Pauline Publications, 143, Waterfield Road, Bandra, Mumbai, 2009, pp.176, price Rs.80/-)

In today’s world, helping the youth to grow in a positive way has become a growing concern for the parents and teachers all over. Despite our advancement in technology & science and demand for a high degree of professionalism in work places, the youth feel neglected and looking for guidance and understanding. The book ‘Love Youth and Family’ has all the ingredients of helping the youth to cope with the challenges of post modern world.

No doubt, the teenagers and youth need their parents’ love and guidance more than gifts and money. This need can be fulfilled only through the parents and children spending quality time together. In spending time together they will understand the basic face about the love: that God has loved them first and they should respond to God’s love by loving themselves and each other in and through God.

The family is the source of human love which transmits divine love to each of its members. This book “Love, Youth and Family” is a practical tips to a healthy relationship. The book also treats other topics of interest like justice and social evils.

The book is published by Daughters of St. Paul Publications. It has 30 small chapters. They are down to earth practical suggestions given how to deal with the teenagers within the family circle and encourage them to find their own way and make their future life a happy one. It’s an important tool for those working with the youth. All that is required to make youth happy is in the book. The book will inspire the youth and those in ministry to make a big mileage for the betterment of the Society.

Review By : F. Sunil Rosario


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