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The Third Edition of "Isu-Mari Tamari Najare"




in one night. I liked it so much that

I wanted to telephone you at about 12.30

in the night. But somehow I stopped

dialing halfway, with the thought that

I shouldn’t disturb you at this hour.

I found it extremely well-written,

so lucid in style, so nice in diction,

and very enriched with fresh content.

I am an atheist, I like Christ and Buddha

for their humane qualities -

namely love, compassion, forgiveness,

nonviolence and tolerance.

I am happy that the little book has

example of many writers and leaders.

You have done a wonderful job, Father.

For you have made Christ - the greatest humanitarian – most loveable.

I wonder how a Keralite priest whose mother tongue Malayalam has little to do with Gujarati can write in such flawless chaste Gujarati!

Dr. Neerav Patel (Poet), 4, Hemang Park, Vejalpur, Ahmedabad 380 051

19th-September -2012
Books by Fr. Varghese Paul, S. J.