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“Navo Karar Biblena Patro” (New Testament Bible Characters) is a Christmas gift to me from my publishers, R R Sheth & Co, Mumbai-Ahmedabad,” says the author Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ. In 101 chapters the book covers altogether 146 bible characters from the New Testament including 36 women characters.


Originally Mr. Chintan Sheth of R R Sheth Publishers had told the author that the book will be published in February 2013. “But receiving the book just before Christmas was a happy surprise,” says Fr. Varghese.


The new book is a bulky volume with 344 pages including a list of Reference books and 5 pages of Index of all the bible characters named in the book. The attractive and meaningful multi-colour cover page is the handy work of the young artist, Sachin Desai.


Dr. (Fr.) James B Dabhi has written an inspiring and enlightening preface to the book. The depiction of bible characters with relevant quotes is based on the “Sampurna Bible” translated by bible scholar Fr. Isudas Cueli & late Nagindas Parekh.


The book is appropriately dedicated to the two main translators as well as to Niranjan Bhagat, Chandrakant Sheth and Yoseph Macwan who have respectively translated the poetical books of Job, Song of Songs and Psalms.


The publishers has priced the beautifully printed book at Rs.265/-. The book is also available in CISS Office with author’s special discount.


4th-January -2013
Books by Fr. Varghese Paul, S. J.