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Bishop Thomas Macwan released the latest Annual Report 2012-2013 of the Catholic Information Service Society (CISS) on the occasion of the Trust Meeting. Both the CISS Trust meeting and 'book releasing' function were held in CISS Library Hall on September 19, 2013.

"CISS is rendering a commendable service of paramount importance by telling who Christ is and what his message for all mankind is. We appreciate the efforts made by Fr. Varghese Paul SJ and his team," said Bishop Thomas Macwan, the President of CISS Trust.

The 48 page crown-size report gives a comprehensive picture of the services and activities of CISS Trust for the year 2012-2013. The layout and presentation of the report are attractive with photo illustrations, statistical details, etc.

In the opening page of the report there is an inspiring message from the President, Bishop Thomas Macwan.

In the introduction quoting Pope Francis the report says, "To a question about 'Evangelization Pope Francis answered in three words: 1) Jesus, 2) Prayer and 3) Witness." Synthesizing Pope Francis's elaboration of the 3 words the report says that CISS' mission of evangelization is: "First, JESUS needs to be the focal point of all CISS activities; Second, we the staff personnel and others associated with CISS should always resort to PRAYER as the primary means of our evangelization; Third, the printed literatures which we provide to our students need to be the extension of our lived WITNESS of Jesus message of love, service, forgiveness, kindness and generosity, etc."

A very telling section of the report is 12 pages of extracts from the letters of our students and well wishers in Gujarati. "A most rewarding experience of our work is our students' sharing of their transforming experiences in encountering Jesus and His message" said the Founder-Director of CISS, Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ.

30th-September -2013
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